Singer Nelly Furtado Was All Smiles As She Left ITV Studios In London

Sexy, singer- Nelly Furtado looked just amazing as she exited the ITV Studios in London. Nelly Furtado was all smiles and she looked super sexy. The once skinny singer is now a voluptuous grown woman with a golden smile that will rock you off your feet. We haven’t heard of Nelly Furtado for quite sometime. I sure hope she’s planning a come back as her unique voice is utterly beautiful.

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Selena Gomez Looks Stunning At The 69th Venice Film Festival

Selena Gomez looks absolutely beautiful as she sports a form fitting black and gold dress for the 69th Venice Film Festival located in Venice, Italy. Gomez had left the hotel she was staying at early to make sure she arrived at the event nice and early. It seems her boyfriend Justin Bieber was not able to accompany her to this particular event.